Are all donations, and in any amount, tax deductible?

     Yes, absolutely. Whether from an individual, corporation, business, foundation, organization, endowment and other sources. The donation, just as the “purchase” of merchandise (such as DVDs) from The Red, White and Blue Project, Inc., is considered a gift of support to further the non-profit's Mission, in accordance with IRS guidelines.

     Our Employer Identification Number is 45-4699830

     Do you ever use telemarketers for fundraising?

     Absolutely not! Any and all communications will come directly from the Co-Founders of our organization, or a designated Board of Directors member (please see Bd. of Dir. Page). And only then, if an establishing communication has previously taken place.

     What is a non-profit?

     Observers and advocates are often frustrated that this important aspect of everyday life is named by what it is not. Not for profit. Not part of government.

     Not-for-profits should be considered more appropriately as “community benefit organizations,” whether that is a small geographic area or covers the world (which we do via the Internet and through our on-site events around the country and world).

     Non-profit organizations are: (1) institutionalized to some extent; (2) private, that is, institutionally separate from the government; (3) not-for-profit distributors, that is, not returning profits generated to their owners or directors; (4) self-governing, able to control their own activities; and, (5) voluntary, that is, non-compulsory and involving some meaningful degree of voluntary participation.

     Who benefits from the money raised?

     In a nutshell, and most importantly, many veterans and their families directly; as well as other reputable non-profit organizations and likely millions of people indirectly throughout the United States and world, including students of all ages, who support and appreciate our Mission to “Educate, Inspire, Support and Empower.” Please closely review our three-fold Mission Statement for a detailed breakdown of how donated monies or fund-raised on behalf of The Red, White and Blue Project, Inc., are used.

     What percentage of donations actually goes to fulfill your Mission?

     Ninety (90) cents or more of every dollar raised on behalf of The Red, White and Blue Project, Inc., goes directly toward sustaining and fulfilling our Mission.

     One-hundred percent (100%) of monies raised on behalf of The Red, White and Blue Project, Inc., remain in the United States of America.

     Our pledge, and that of our governing Board of Directors, is to be responsible stewards of your financial support at all times, seeing that our three-fold Mission Statement is carried out with maximum effect.

     In the interests of transparency at all times, and just as all non-profit organizations,our income tax returns are a matter of public record. 

     Is my credit card information secure using a PayPal account?

     Absolutely. PayPal is recognized as the world leader in service and security for online transactions. A Better Business Bureau member since 2001, PayPal has an 'A' rating. The PayPal servers that store your information are guarded both physically and electronically. These servers are not connected to the Internet, to further protect your transaction. PayPal also monitors all transactions 24/7, 365 and has layered security measures in place to protect its users.