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                                          'Standing Post'
Steven Brian Sutherland
MaryJo Cuppone
and Dean Teaster
By Betsy S. Hull
                                                               For The Red, White and Blue Project

                              Michigan-based actors Steven Brian Sutherland (Detroit), MaryJo Cuppone (Ann Arbor) and Dean
Teaster (Fowlerville) are attached to star in the upcoming short subject film, 'Standing Post,' which will
be filmed in the Owosso, Mich., area this fall.
    Acting newcomer Sutherland (Ashes of Eden, Surrender) and veterans Teaster (Figure in the Forest,
For Love of Country: Approaching Midnight) and Cuppone (Heaven's Neighbor's, The Ugly One:
Thor's Revenge, Tony & Tina's Wedding) promise to deliver engaging performances in this inspirational
story of grace and humanity.”
    'Standing Post' reunites Teaster and Cuppone, stars of the 2002 Collective Development Inc.
family drama and Dove Foundation endorsed, Figure In the Forest.
    A timeless story of empathy and compassion in the face of personal devastation on the homefront,
"Standing Post" is written, adapted and contemporized for the screen by Anthony Hornus (An Ordinary Killer,
Race to Judgment, Outside the Wire: The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan). Hornus' screenplay is
based on a 1940s letter written by an unknown author during the dark, early days of America's entry
into World War II.
    “It's a simple story,” said Hornus, an award-winning journalist, author, actor and filmmaker, who
will also produce and direct. “But that's the film's strength, it's beauty. Everyone will be able to relate at
on some level with these three individuals. Especially – albeit unfortunately – because we're a war-
weary nation after more than a decade of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as continued
diligence against global terrorism. Millions of Americans have paid the ultimate price for freedom
throughout our history and families, sadly, are devastated daily by war. But out of the darkness always
come stories of resilience, great strength and purpose.”
    Principal photography, with opening scenes having already been filmed in Afghanistan, will take
place in September, and is being produced under the banner of The Red, White and Blue Project, a
501(c)3 not-for-profit organization founded by Hornus and Dennis Therrian of Lansing. Therrian (Outside
the Wire, An Ordinary Killer, Ashes of Eden) will also produce, edit and oversee all post-
production services.
    Director of Photography on the film is Daniel G. Chipman of Owosso. His Blackjacket Films is
providing all domestic production services.
    “Despite the suffering, dying and profound grief that defines war,” said Hornus, “We're confident
viewers will find this story uplifting and redeeming. In its understated nuances and subtlety, the story
reassures us that positive aspects of human nature are alive and well, in a world seemingly gone mad.
It's an atypical 'war story.'”
    The short subject film will screen on the Internet, on the non-profit's YouTube Channel, on its
Website www.theredwhiteandblueproject.org, at community events and will be taken out on the film
festival circuit. The film will also be marketed to PBS, the Independent Film Channel's shorts programming,
as well as other outlets. 
    'Standing Post' is a mini-follow-up to Hornus and Therrian's 2011 award-winning documentary,
'Outside the Wire: The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan' and is a precursor to 'Facing Fire,' the non-
profit's next full-length documentary which follows three U.S. military veterans, up-close-and-
personal, in their triumphs and challenges in the aftermath of being horrifically disfigured in IED bla
                              in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Steven Brian SutherlandMaryJo CupponeDean Teaster
       Steven Brian Sutherland                                        MaryJo Cuppone                                 Dean Teaster