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'Standing Post,' our short-film (16 minutes), is a simple story.
But the critically-acclaimed project, which World Premiered in Owosso, Michigan, in Nov., 2014,
then screened to rave reviews and audience appreciation at the 39th
annual Cleveland International Film
Festival, an Academy Awards sanctioned film festival, focuses on a complex human trait ... character.
How do we react to a given set of circumstances? Especially those out of our control.
“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking” - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Witness how the lives of two young U.S. Army soldiers and Afghanistan veterans intersect with a
63-year-old Vietnam combat veteran, who is dying alone – forgotten - in a stateside Veteran's
Administration hospital.
'The choices we make reveal our character.'
'Standing Post' stars Steven Brian Sutherland, MaryJo Cuppone and Dean Teaster.
It was written, produced and directed by Anthony Hornus, President of The Red, White and Blue
Project. The story is contemporized for the screen from a World War II letter by 'Author Unknown.'
Dennis Therrian, Vice-President of The Red, White and Blue Project produces, along with Board of
Directors member Betsy S. Hull
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legacy, past and present, of the U.S. Armed Forces, families and others.
We hire veterans for every project we undertake. It's important to us.
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