Board of Directors member Roger Callard (right, in U.S. Cavalry uniform), with Academy Award-winning acting legends Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall on the set of Geronimo: An American Legend, which also starred Matt Damon, Jason Patric and Native American acting great Wes Studi.

 The Red, White and Blue Project, Inc.

Roger Callard, Board of Directors Member

      Roger Callard is a 1968 graduate of Chesaning (Mich.) Union High School, where he excelled not only on the football field for the undefeated Class 'B' State Champion Indians and the track as a sprinter, but in the classroom as well.

      Prior to high school graduation, while considering his collegiate future, Roger posted one of the highest SAT scores in the country.

      Hard work and dedication in his studies and on the athletic fields earned Roger a combined gridiron/academic scholarship to Michigan State University, where he continued to be a leader.

      An Academic All-American for the Spartan gridders, Roger earned a multi-disciplinary bachelor's degree in Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology in 1972.

      But it was Roger's love for bodybuilding that would ultimately lead him to the mecca of early muscledom, Venice, Calif., where he met and became lifelong friends with another young body-building pioneer, an Austrian immigrant named Arnold Schwarzenegger. Between the two men, along with legendary champions Frank Zane, Franco Colombu, Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) and Robbie Robinson, the face of modern day competitive bodybuilding was forever changed.

      Roger has held the amateur titles of Mr. Michigan, Mr. Midwest and Mr. World. In the professional ranks, Roger earned titles of Mr. America, Mr. USA and Mr. Universe.

      While training at the world famous Gold's Gym, Roger caught the eye of bodybuilding mogul Joe Weider. The young MSU graduate became a contributing writer for Weider's publications and also did promotional work for Gold's Gym.

      A major on-camera participant to the 1977 documentary, “Pumping Iron,” which brought the likes of Schwarzenegger, Ferrigno and others into the public limelight, Roger found a keen interest in acting and filmmaking.

      From 1982-85 Roger served the U.S. Government as a private contractor, GS-12 Sports Consultant, by training members of the military around the world in strength training and proper nutrition. He also evaluated military physical fitness facilities in the Pacific rim and made recommendations for equipment, facility and training upgrades. Those upgrades included the introduction of progressive resistence through weight-training as an element of overall fitness.

      Today, and after moving back to the family farm in Michigan with his wife Mimi, Roger continues acting and writing. He's best known for big screen supporting roles in “Red Heat,” “Twins,” and “Geronimo: An American Legend,” as well as TV appearances on many programs such as the drama Walker, Texas Ranger, with Chuck Norris.

      Roger will be seen in the upcoming Vietnam War era film, “Love and Honor,” starring Liam Hemsworth. And, in 2013 he'll be seen in "Foxcatcher" starring Steve Carrell, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum.

      Roger's great love of nature and the environment also comes with his strong belief that filmmakers, especially documentarians, have a duty to promote, educate and heighten awareness to global ecological conditions and issues. As well, of course, to the human condition and issues, especially pertaining to veterans and their families, as well as children worldwide.

      Roger's late father, Robert D. Callard, was a U.S. Navy seaman during World War I, and his older brother, Bob, is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam.

      Roger considers it an honor and privilege to be a part of The Red, White and Blue Project, Inc. and its mission of leaving a lasting legacy to U.S. military veterans and their families.

Note: Roger Callard's position as a board member is unpaid. He volunteers his time as a community outreach ambassador to the company's mission and programs, and he acts as a liaison to active duty military, as well as veterans and veteran's organizations. He is a voting member of the board.

Roger Callard and his buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger, Venice, Calif., 1980s.

Roger on the 2000 set of Luck of the Draw with “Easy Rider” himself, the late-great Dennis Hopper.

In character, Secret Service Agent