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Faced with crushing poverty, inadequate health care, the threat of death as a constant companion from a cowardly enemy, and a high illiteracy rate, the children of Afghanistan still manage to be, well... children.One can never be fully prepared to witness the degree of suffering and deprivation that takes place every single day in Afghanistan, or in impoverished, war-ravaged countries around the globe, but the constant beaming light of hope is the children. In our travels throughout Afghanistan, as in every country we've ever visited, our reminder to stay vigilant against forces of evil, comes in the faces of the children. There are smiles, there are tears, and at times, desperation in the eyes. All emotional reminders that kids would just as soon be kids.
“Afghanistan's children are the single most forgotten human tragedy in the world.” - Amnesty International

Kids are Kids everywhere

Images by Keith P. Lepor, Anthony Hornus and Gregg B. McNeill
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