Heather Corace

The Red, White and Blue Project, Inc.
Heather Corace
Board of Directors member
     The Red, White and Blue Project is both proud to announce and fortunate in welcoming Heather Corace to the Board of Directors for our 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is
to 'Educate, Inspire, Empower' through veteran themed documentaries, docu-dramas and TV programs,
as well as hosting Fundraiser-Concert events to directly benefit Veterans, families and students of all ages.

A fine-artist and professional photographer, Heather was born and raised in Owosso, Michigan.
Michigan's four seasons and accompanying out-door activities that correlated to each, the numerous
“hideouts and forts” of her childhood (including barns, fields, and woods), stimulated her imagination
and fortified her appreciation of nature and its inhabitants.
At a young age, she exhibited a strong and dedicated interest in drawing and painting realistic
renditions of what she saw. This prompted her parents to enroll her in oil painting classes and led to a
life-long passion.

Also a history buff since childhood, Heather was particularly intrigued by visits to her
Maternal ancestor’s family farm which held a treasure trove of photographs, letters and
documents directly linking her to the family’s past. Medals, telegrams and letters from
pre-Civil War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the
Vietnam War sparked Heather’s interest in her family’s military history, as well as what
military service means to families of those who have and continue to serve.
The strong encouragement of an art teacher her freshman year of college convinced Heather to
exclusively pursue an Art Degree.

She moved to Florida and graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a
Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation. She has contributed illustrations to several
children’s projects, including EDCO Publishing’s award-winning L.A.P.'s ™ and Michigan On the
Move programs. In addition to owning and operating a decorative art business, Heather was also coowner
of Caring Creations, LLC, which promoted charitable missions for children through books and

She illustrated Caring Creations' children’s self-help book “You and Me Make Three” and created the
companion bear, “B.B.” who was manufactured by Build-A-Bear Workshop tm.
Heather currently owns and operates Heather Corace Fine Art, LLC.
She is proficient in several media formats and has focused upon large-scale
oil paintings and photography. The majority of her paintings are created directly
from the photographs she shoots around the globe. To view a sample of Heather’s work, please visit:

Due in part to her family's long, honorable history of military service, Heather has taken a keen
interest in not only preserving that history, but bringing it to the forefront so that others, especially
younger generations, will contiue to learn about the sacrifices of our military heroes.
Heather is currently conducting extensive work with World War II veterans through interviews and
fact-finding missions in order to preserve their stories for future generations. She has entitled her
personal endeavor “Operation Greatest Generation.” All willing veterans will have their stories
submitted to The Library of Congress.

In addition, she is creating a series of large-scale multi-media pieces of art depicting the triumphs
and struggles of our fighting men from WWII. All pieces will be lithographed and sold/auctioned for
charitable organizations that directly benefit WWII veterans first and foremost, as we are rapidly losing
these living links to our storied past.

Heather will also undertake the same endeavor with Korean War and Vietnam War veterans, as the
heroes from “The Forgotten War” and “Unpopular War” continue to slip from American consciousness,
yet who are honorable veterans nonetheless, Americans who served their country when they were called.
“I'm proud and honored to be part of “The Red White and Blue Project,” said Heather. “Sharing in
the mission of telling the stories of American military men and women so that their sacrifices, triumphs
and heroism will never be forgotten, as well as helping veterans, families and students in real time is a

Heather resides in Naples, Florida, with her husband, Richard Corace, and their dog, Molly.
She joins fellow Board of Directors members Anthony Hornus, Dennis Therrian, Col. Vic Kuchar
(USAF-Ret.), Roger Callard and Betsy Hull.
Board of Directors' members of The Red, White and Blue Project are unpaid.

In the studio, Naples, Florida
With grandfather Michael O' Dea, a highly
decorated WWII veteran of the Pacific Theater
Site of the Maternal ancestors home in Ireland
Photography outing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming